That Good Face Glow - Neodermis partners with The Good Face Project

That Good Face Glow - Neodermis partners with The Good Face Project


Good Face Glow

Discover the Neodermis secret and brighten your skin. We make sure that our clients are glowing and now you can too. The proof is in the project. Specifically, The Good Face Project. Everyone's skin journey has a story to share and the Good Face Project shares ours perfectly.

We partnered with The Good Face Project to showcase the ultimate transformation - from dull skin to bright, healthy, and hydrated skin in a matter of days. Over 40 women in The United States participated in this 30 day transformation and shared their raving reviews.

By putting our Refirmation Serum to the test, we proved that our products benefit all ages and skin types. We targeted a diverse group of women between the ages of 25 to 70 years old with skin types ranging from normal, oily, and combination that had similar skin concerns such as wrinkles, dark spots, dryness, uneven skin tone, and more. The results were collected periodically after one day, two weeks, and one month of consistent usage.

Participants were and still are radiating with the Neodermis glow as they reap the benefits of our award winning “Best In Breathable Skin Care” Refirmation serum. With just a few drops, immediate moisture and hydration is immersed into the skin and forms a glow that goes beyond the face. This serum is used to preserve that healthy, youthful glow by boosting and restoring the skin's natural beauty. The truth behind our products is the three key ingredients, EGF, Hyaluronic Acid, and Copper Peptides. When combined, the perfect formula is created that improves hydration, repairs damaged skin, reduces wrinkles, and prevents hyperpigmentation.

With elevated results, the Good Face Project revealed the power that our serum has always been able to deliver on all ages, skin types, and tones. With the given opportunity, each participant resulted in a luminous glow that nourished and rejuvenated their skin instantly. Our products are designed to care for your skin. By reimagining your skincare routine with our serum you will glowing like never before. Become a part of our illuminating family, with the most effective and effortless serum, you will be radiating with the clearest and healthiest skin of the season.


“Love this serum! After only using it one time, I felt like my skin was clearer, firmer and glowing even. It is the perfect serum to use prior to moisturizer” - Ana

“I felt that this serum hydrated my skin and was a perfect addition to my regimen. I love the texture and that the fragrance is neutral.”- Laura

“I have been using an amazing serum for a month and my skin has changed forever.” - Ashley

“I've got to admit I wasn't expecting miracles but this really worked for me, I'm impressed!” - Melanie

“I'm half way through a bottle and the frown lines between my brows have gone completely. Even the deep set lines on my forehead have significantly reduced”. - Stephanie

“I have seen my skin texture, radiance and brightness improve since using this daily.” - Sammy

“It keeps my skin looking and feeling good on a consistent basis. My pores look tiny and my skin's texture is more uniform. I also feel my hyperpigmentation has decreased in visibility.” - Taylor

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