The Truth Behind Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF)

The Truth Behind Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF)

At Neodermis Factor, we ethically manufacture a protein bio-identical to Epidermal Growth Factor in the lab and use it as a primary ingredient in our skincare. EGF is a powerful ingredient that stimulates the growth of new skin cells, while allowing the skin's moisture barrier to absorb more efficiently. Science has proven regular use of EGF on the skin results in firmer, smoother, and more youthful skin, which is what we are all about.

Although there are many benefits to EGF-infused skincare, there are many misconceptions about the ingredient. In this blog, we’ll dive deeper into the truths behind EGF, and answer some common questions about this anti-aging protein.

1) A common misconception about EGF is that it is only made with transgenic pharming. Transgenic pharming is the use of genetic engineering to produce pharmaceuticals and biochemicals that are not necessarily native to natural plants. At Neodermis Factor, we are proud to say our EGF ingredients are created in a lab using biotechnology and are also dermatologist-tested and cruelty-free.

2) Another common misconception about EGF is its link to cancer. Epidermal growth factors are mitogenic, which means the ingredient stimulates consistent cell proliferation. However, EGF is not considered mutagenic, in other words, the ingredient does not alter these cells to make them cancerous. The same applies to those who may have psoriasis, a disease of the skin that is closely related to the growth of epidermal cells. So the question remains, should you use EGF if you have cancerous cells? We recommend you consult your doctor before using any new skincare products, including our EGF-infused Refirmation line.

3) Finally, there is a scientific debate on growth factors and how the molecules are too large to deeply penetrate the skin and actually reach the skin's top layer, the epidermis. Several topical growth factor studies have shown improvements in skin collagen and elastin, along with improvements in thickness, radiancy, and moisture retention with regular EGF-infused skincare use.

Researchers commonly believe epidermal growth factors are thought to start a chain of communication between your cells when they are administered to your skin in high concentrations. Your skin fibroblasts are stimulated, which allows collagen to then grow and you are able to achieve a healthy glow.

Overall, it is important to understand the science behind your skincare ingredients to ensure you are treating your skin safely and effectively. Epidermal growth factors can really be the holy grail of your skincare regime when used correctly. Be sure to check out our dermatologist-tested Refirmation line to give your skin the most trusted EGF biotech skin care in the market.

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