Awarded “Best in Breathable Skincare”

Awarded “Best in Breathable Skincare”

Neodermis Factor just glowed up! Our Refirmation Spray just won Best in Breathable Skin Care, in the 2022 Bustle Most Wanted Summer Beauty Awards. 

Summertime is here and it’s time to amp up your skincare routine. Our award-winning EGF-infused Refirmation Spray is the perfect addition to keep your skin youthful and hydrated during the hottest time of year. 

If you’re still looking for a reason to add this award winning product to your routine, look no further. We’ll take a deeper dive into why our Refirmation Spray was named “The facial mist that does more” by Bustle Beauty.

1. Winning formula

Although our Refirmation Spray is a lightweight formula, don’t be fooled by its impact. Our lab-tested formula is packed with hyaluronic acid, copper peptides, and EGF - a winning combo for moisturized, age-defying skin. The EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) helps boost collagen and hyaluronic acid production at a cellular level, which results in smoother, tighter, glowy skin. Boost your skincare for younger-looking skin in just one spritz.

2. Maintain your moisture

Whether you’re at the beach, laying by the pool, or just walking from your house to your car, your skin is exposed to harmful UV rays which causes wrinkles and dryness. You may be thinking, “is it really necessary to hydrate my skin even when it’s 90+ degrees out and my skin is sweating or oily?” Similar to our approach to skincare, the answer is simple: most definitely! Excessive heat and sun exposure can dehydrate and damage your skin, and causing fine lines and discoloration. Applying the Refirmation Spray can give your skin that extra hydration boost and strengthen its defenses against the summer sun.

3. Easy, breezy pocket mist

Our coveted Refirmation Spray is bottled in a travel-size mister, making it easy to bring with you on your summertime travels. Spending your days at the office can dull your skin and clog your pores. To combat this, mist your face with our hyaluronic acid and copper peptide formula for the perfect pick-me-up. No matter where you are, keep your Refirmation Spray handy for the refreshing, skin-protecting boost your skin craves throughout the day.

4. Post-sun ritual

After a long day of summer activities, damage control in your skincare routine is essential. Using our Refirmation Spray daily will dampen your skin with its rich formula and open your pores. Follow this with your Refirmation Serum for the ultimate hydration cocktail for your skin after exposure to harsh wrinkle-causing sun rays. Keep your summer glow without aging your skin, all with the use of our famed face mist. 

Treat your skin this summer with the facial mist that does more.

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