Why We Use Amber Glass for Our Bottles
Why We Use Amber Glass for Our Bottles
Mar 02, 2022

Why We Use Amber Glass for Our Bottles

At Neodermis Factor, we pay close attention to our customers’ needs and take pride in using only the safest, most high-quality ingredients, and that doesn’t stop with our formulas. Amber glass is an enhancing component of our EGF-infused Refirmation Serum and with good reason. Beyond offering an elegant, one-of-a-kind aesthetic appeal to our bottles, amber glass provides unique benefits and properties to skincare and beauty products, including the best protection and durability for our skincare formulas.

Read below and learn why Noedermis Factor uses amber glass for Refirmation Serum’s container

1. Non-toxic and safe

Given the qualities of amber glass, there are no chemical leaks into or reactions with the skincare ingredients it stores; therefore, it can be in direct and safe contact with them. Its inertness blocksoxygen or carbon dioxide transfer, protecting Neodermis Factor’s EGF Serum content. Unlike plastic or other materials, the composition of amber glass doesn’t include any toxic or dangerous elements. In fact, glass is one of the few packaging materials that have received the FDA’s GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) label.

2. UV light protection

Prolonged exposure to light must be avoided at all costs for many active skincare ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Copper Peptides. Why? The reason is simple: when exposed to UV light and high temperatures, they are prone to oxidation and bacteria, thereby losing their properties and shortening their efficacy. However, the amber glass containers that store Neodermis Factor’s Refirmation Serum protect it from nearly all radiation consisting of light wavelengths under 450 nm. They also guard its composition against becoming weak or ineffective, keeping its ingredients intact and allowing for more extended validity periods.

3. HEV light protection

In addition to protecting active ingredients from UV light, amber glass also provides a unique type of high-energy visible light protection. Most active components are photosensitive, which means that when they come into contact with HEV light, they degrade and become damaged. Neodermis Factor’s Refirmation Serum ingredients are very well preserved by being stored in amber glass containers.

4. 100% Recyclable

Reducing the environmental footprint of our processes and activities is a fundamental pillar at Neodermis Factor. This is another reason why our Refirmation Serum’s container is made from glass, the only material that is 100% and infinitely recyclable.

Glass materials, including amber glass, don’t lose their properties or quality in the recycling process, regardless of their state of conservation, and without generating toxic by-products. In addition, amber glass made from recycled amber glass results in energy savings and emits up to 5 times less carbon, making it an easier material to recycle than other ones such as plastic. These factors make amber glass containers a highly sustainable material that provides excellent environmental benefits, such as helping mitigate climate change and saving valuable natural resources.